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With over 25 years' experience in the telecommunications industry, with Southwestern Bell, AT&T and Lucent Technologies, Phyllis Lee Smith founded  Legend Magic TeleConsulting... to fill a void in the current industry.

Due to the turnover rate in small businesses, most owners of Merlin Legend or Merlin Magix telephone systems find that no one in the company knows how to make changes to the phone system as the business communications needs change.

Most business owners do not know how to negotiate with the various local and long distance service providers or how the many services and products interface with the Merlin family of communications systems.

Ms. Smith operates her company dedicated to her primary mission: customer satisfaction. She has a proven track record of success with this mission and would like to add your name to her long list of satisfied customers.

Legend Magic TeleConsulting offers your company the benefits of our broad background in voice and data communications operations including project management, technical support, service, network design and network vendor negotiations.

Our associates are former employees of  AT&T / LUCENT / AVAYA  with 20 to 30 years' experience and have demonstrated a consistent proven track record in all aspects of communications requirements of small business operations from new system implementation to end user and system administration training.

Highly motivated, she does not consider her job complete until she not only meets her clients' expectations, she exceeds them. She possesses strong negotiation skills and communications abilities which enable her to work well with employers and employees alike.

Legend Magic TeleConsulting accesses a group of associates who bring their expertise and over a century of experience to the company and are on call to meet your needs.