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Legend Magic TeleConsulting Provides Technical Support for

AT&T / AVAYA / LUCENT Telephone Systems Including:
MERLIN LEGEND Communications System Release 1.0 through 7.0
MERLIN MAGIX Integrated Systems Release 1.0 through 4.0
Audix Voice Power
Audix Integrated Solutions I, II & III
Merlin Mail Release 2 & 3
Merlin Legend Mail
Intuity Audix
Merlin Messaging 1.0 through 4.0

Advanced System Solutions
Network Design – To Ensure Least Cost Line / Trunk Facility Usage
Centralized Voice Mail – Allows Multi-Location Offices Increased Productivity of Voice Mail Service Without Additional Hardware Investment.

Multi-Location System Networking –Increases Associate Productivity by Allowing 3 to 4 digit Dialing Between Locations, Reducing Intra-Company Toll Charges.
ISDN Connectivity – Provides Economical and Functional Advantages of High Speed Voice and Data vs. Low Speed Analog Lines.